Spiritual Path

I was raised Roman Catholic since I was little and I was fairly involved in my church as an altar server from fourth grade on. In high school, I started poking around at Wicca through a friend and then joined Moonlight and Magick on Neopets (later Moonlit Magic Grove) which was my first experience of spiritual other: a group of eclectic pagans lead by a druid and we held rituals rather casually there.

Shortly before I was confirmed I made a silent dedication to Brighid and also vowed to take her as my Confirmation patron name.

After high school I stopped going to church except as essentially a Christmas & Easter Catholic (C&E Catholic).

Near the end of college I was introduced to Unitarian Universalism through the Fellowship of Campus Unitarian Universalists at Simmons (FOCUUS) though I was never around for most of the meetings.

After college, I went to First Parish in Brookline (the Unitarian Universalist church I had gotten told about through FOCUUS) and went for both the Christmas service and a Solstice circle. Then I left again for a few years. I returned to First Parish in Brookline in December 2012 because I needed some sort of support after some drama happened in my life. I've been there since. In the summer of 2013, I became a member of the church. Unfortunately, due to some fiscal issues I was inactive fiscally and unfortunately had to leave the church in late 2017 when I moved out to Lowell. I am currently occasionally participating in UU services through the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), since my local Unitarian Universalist church in Winchendon, where I moved in 2020, is not very active because the membership is small and COVID has put a damper on many engagements.

In 2012, I started learning Reiki and I am now a Reiki II practitioner and student mentor. I am working on my Reiki 3A practicum, currently, so I can get my Master Practitioner certificate, but COVID has also put a damper on that project.

In February 2014, I joined the Earth-Based Spiritualities group at First Parish in Brookline. I've been taking leadership classes through the church on radical hospitality to gender-nonconforming persons and the multicultural approach to leadership. I read my first testimonial on May 25th 2014: a poem on Where I Am From written during the latter leadership class for a service on Gratitude as a Spiritual Practice and I helped run the Litha/Summer Solstice ritual as the circle caster and the caller of the Element of Earth. I have also taken the Spiritual Autobiography class, Making Light in the Dark Places class, and have attended the Pet Loss Circle.

As of July 1st 2014, I submitted an application to the Fellowship of Isis and received my certificate of membership on the 4th of August 2014. I am also a member the Correllian Nativist Outer Court as of August 6 2014.

As of Dec 28 2015, I got a certificate in Introduction to Golden Light Merkabah Ascension Reiki.