Guide: A Brief List of Coping Tools

This is a brief list of some of the coping methods we find useful as a system for dealing with stress.

These are the ones that generally work for EVERYONE.

  1. One hand at heart, one at navel (heart chakra/solar plexus chakra).

    This is what our Reiki Master calls "The Anti-Stress Position". You can use this even if you aren't an energyworker and it will usually have some effect. It's also a really good way to make sure you're breathing from your diaphragm.

  2. Sandwich the top and bottom of each foot.

    We tend to be high-energy to the point of trembling/twitching when we're stressed. For this, you basically hold your foot between your palms. One hand should be over the top and the other should be at the bottom. Ideally, do this sitting down with each foot done by crossing it into the four shape over your knee. If you can't do this for health reasons, raise one foot at a time on a chair or another raised platform that's reachable and comfortable.

  3. Of 1 and 2, usually one is more effective than the other, and this generally varies from headmate to headmate.

  4. Blow bubbles

    We learned this at a reiki conference in 2013. Almost every strong negative emotion can present as "not breathing properly." Blowing bubbles REQUIRES you to breathe properly, so it calms you down!

  5. Textures - smooth stones, knit and fuzzy toys, fabrics

    We usually keep some sort of textured items in our bag and/or vicinity. A lot of us have grounding and/or overstimulation issues. It gives us something to focus on.

  6. Strong tastes (licorice, ginger, mint, cinnamon, hot pepper)

    Self-explanatory this is another focus/distraction technique.

  7. 30-second free self-care activities.

    We were pointed to this through a workshop through an online program we want to eventually enroll in.

    A couple of tasks you might need a pen/paper for, but you can do it mentally if you don't have the tools. The author also has a mailing list and a blog with additional tasks that sends out once a day and under the freebie section, you can access an app (a Google form game with 36 of these tasks from the card deck the author made)

  8. If you have a partner/someone you're ok being touched by firm pressure sweeping from the head or shoulders down to the feet is another one of our favorite energy techniques.

    This is another really good anti-stress technique from energy medicine/qi gong (there is a variation that you can do on yourself, but we find it's MUCH more effective to do this one with another person -- and you DON'T have to be an energy worker for it to work).

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