The DreamWriters Dreaming: About Us

Name: Emma Hryniewicz
Birthday: April 22nd
Preferred Pronouns: they are/them (plural), ey/em, she/her
Gender: gendernonconforming female-bodied person, polygender, systemfluid, genderfluid nonbinary femme
Relationship Status: engaged, date TBD
Location: North-Central Massachusetts

Emma Hryniewicz is a lifelong learner at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, as well as a freelance writer, poet, artist, oracle reader and reiki practitioner. They have published several poems, short stories, and articles in school literary magazines and newsletters since 2002, among them "Cycle", "Temptation Fruit", "Letter to Emma", "AN’ IT HARM NONE DO WHAT THOU WILT", "My Toolbox", "My Open Heart Rebounds", and "Some Benefits of Learning and Using Reiki" . They have also displayed several works of art for an art show at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation: "Christmas Scene", "Scrublands Cactus during Evening Sandstorm", and "Sit With Me/Missing You Collage". They currently volunteer sporadically as a Reiki and Prayer volunteer through the Distant Healing Network, a content creator/peer supporter on The Plural Association, and as a Hall Monitor in the Sys Ed Academy (SEA).

When not writing, they can be found reading anything related to holistic health, psychology/self-help, animal care/welfare, science fiction, fantasy, psychological thrillers, YA and Children’s Literature. They can also be found hanging out in various social networks as a member of a variety of writing groups including The Real LJ Idol, Get Your Words Out, Inking It Out, and WriYe, and working on their art journal and artist trading cards, or chatting with their friends online and off, real and imaginary.

Some of these imaginary friends live in their head and tell them their stories. Most of them call themselves the Dreamers, The DreamWriters, or the Common House Residents and Visitors.

They are also an avid fannish participant and a patron of crowdsourced media.

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